Ladbrokes Betting Review

Ladbrokes has one of the most recognisable names in the world of racing and sports betting and has built up a strong reputation for the range of betting markets it provides for Australian customers. The Ladbrokes betting site offers a number of valuable features including Odds Boosts, new customer bonuses, Info Hub, Multi Maker and more.

Ladbrokes Top Features Include:

When you sign up with Ladbrokes you can earn up to $500 worth of bonus bets just for making that first deposit. That’s a competitive promotion, even by modern bookmaking standards and it means that if you deposit the full $500, you could end up betting with $1000, though remember that terms apply and these are detailed in the Ladbrokes Bonus section.

Modern customers want to be able to bet on the go and the Ladbrokes mobile app makes this straightforward. The app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, and it offers complete access to your betting account as well as the full range of Ladbrokes markets.

Whatever sport you bet on, you want to be certain that you’ve got the best prices and that’s where Ladbrokes Odds Boosts can help, by significantly increase the odds on your bet. This feature gives you the option to boost the price of one bet every day on a fixed price racing or multi bet and has the potential to give your profits a major boost.

If you’re looking for the big win, then multi bets are a good option, and the Ladbrokes Multi Maker makes it easy for you to build your multi-bets through one simple interface, avoiding the frustration of opening and closing different website pages.

Make sure you’re up to speed with the latest betting information before you put your money down through the Ladbrokes Info Hub, which brings you detailed statistical analysis covering both domestic and international sports and racing markets, then when the time comes to get your winnings, use the Ladbrokes Card, which offers instant access to your funds.

If you’re into the horses, Ladbrokes Racing product is one of the best around. They offer some a number of exclusive features such as Pick Your Own Odds and Ladbrokes Ride Guide — a great video feature that gives punters footage of jockey interviews in which riders go through their race tactics and discuss track conditions and other useful information.

For sports betting fans, the Ladbrokes site also has plenty to offer. Ladbrokes have a number of exclusive sports betting products including Ladbrokes Player Bets, which is a prop betting market giving you the chance to bet on one player’s statistical performance. Just choose the player you’re interested in and find the stat you think they can beat, or match them up in a head to head bet with another player. Player Bets brings a new edge sports betting.

Ladbrokes Perfect Round is another useful exclusive Ladbrokes sports betting feature that’s easy to use. Just choose the winning teams from a number of games in a pool. Your winnings are paid out from the money in the pool and are proportional to your initial stake.

Ladbrokes Features

Ladbrokes Perfect Round

If you love your sports betting, this is the feature that could give you a new way to profit from your sports betting expertise. Ladbrokes Perfect Round is a great new Sports Pool betting product. To join in, simply select the winning teams from a range of matches in a pool. You can even choose both teams from the same match in a combination bet if you want. You’re your stake, place your bet, and wait for the result. If all your bets win, you will earn a share of the prize pool, based on the size of your stake. It’s a new, fun way to bet on sports.

Ladbrokes Player Bets

This is one of Ladbrokes’ exclusive features. Ladbrokes Player Bets is a new Prop Betting feature that brings a different dimension to sports betting. To enter, just pick a player and then choose a stat you think they will beat. Or go for two players and match them head-to-head. You can back Messi to have more assists than Ronaldo or vice versa. Ladbrokes customers have access to millions of player performance markets in the world’s top sports leagues, and Ladbrokes Player Bets makes it simple to bet.

Ladbrokes Ride Guide

For fans of horse racing, Ladbrokes Ride Guide is the perfect tool to help you maximise your horse racing betting. Access the Ride Guide and watch some of Australia’s top jockeys give you their opinion on track conditions, the barrier, their plans for the race, and the form of the horse they will be riding. The videos are put up site the day before all major Victorian race meetings, and can be watched by choosing the Ride Guide button on the race card. So now you can get your info straight from the jockey’s mouth!

Ladbrokes Odds Boost

We’re all looking for the best odds and thanks to Ladbrokes Odds Boost, you can boost your betting every day. Ladbrokes customers get one Odds Boost bet each day, which gives them the option of increasing the return of any fixed price racing or multi bet, including sports multi bets. To use your daily boost, all you have to do is add a bet to the bet slip, click on the Odds Boost button and watch that price mount! Your balance is recalculated every night, so you’ll find your daily Odds Boost ready to be used when you sign on the next day.

Ladbrokes Multi Maker

If you’re after a big pay day, few things can top landing a multi bet and Ladbrokes have made it easy for players to get their multi bets on thanks to the Ladbrokes Multi Maker. It’s a simple feature to use and can be accessed directly from the main menu, allowing you to build up your multi bet from the wide selection of Ladbrokes markets with none of the frustration that is associated with clicking between screens. The Ladbrokes Multi Maker gives you a simple slider menu to move between markets, so you can quickly create your multi bet.

Ladbrokes Call Me

Everyone likes the ease of betting online but sometimes customers prefer to rely on the human touch. Ladbrokes Call Me is a new and easy to use method of live betting on Australian and international sports events. To use Ladbrokes Call Me, all you have to do is opt for the Live Betting option and a one of the Ladbrokes Live Betting team will contact you by phone to help you get your bet on. It’s simple and efficient, and the perfect way to bet on a fast-moving event when you need to make your bet quickly.

Ladbrokes Card

If you’ve had a few winners, you’ll want to hold of your profits without any hassle. The Ladbrokes Card is an easy method of withdrawing your cash. You can make withdrawals straight onto your card which you can then use to take money out at any ATM that accepts Visa. You Ladbrokes Card can also be used to make online or in-store purchases.

Ladbrokes Infohub

You can never have too much information when it comes to betting and that’s where the Ladbrokes Infohub comes into its own. The Ladbrokes Infohub offers an impressive depth of detail covering every thoroughbred, harness and greyhound race run in Australia, along with hundreds of sports events from all over the world. You can find everything you need to inform your betting, from featured bets to odds fluctuations, all of it brought to you by Ladbrokes to help you enjoy a more rounded, informed betting experience.

Ladbrokes Bonus Bets

New customers are often rewarded with Bonus Bets and Ladbrokes perform strongly in this area. The Ladbrokes Bonus Bet offer is an impressive 100% deposit match up to $500. So if you deposit $500 with Ladbrokes, you could be betting with $1000. As with all welcome bonus offers, you should be aware of the terms and conditions, and the most important is that the bonus bet amount has to be turned over twice before it can be withdrawn. Bonus bets must also be used in fixed odds markets on bets at a price of greater than $1.50

The Ladbrokes Bonus Bet is straightforward to claim. Simply register a new account and deposit your funds and the Bonus Bet will be automatically added to your Account, according to the value detailed in the First Deposit Bonus offer. You can split your Bonus Bet into smaller bets should you prefer, although you can only use one Bonus Bet per event. And if you have a change of mind about using your Ladbrokes Bonus Bet, all you have to do is click on the ‘X’ button and that will clear the bet from your slip.

Ladbrokes Mobile App

Everybody uses mobile devices these days and many customers want the freedom that comes with being able to bet on the go. Ladbrokes make mobile betting easy with the Ladbrokes Mobile App. You can download the Ladbrokes App for your iPhone, iPad or Android device and it will give you instant access to thousands of horse racing, sports and other betting markets, as well as your betting account and other Ladbrokes services.

The Ladbrokes mobile betting platform is well designed and laid out, so that newcomers will find it easy to navigate between markets, place bets and deposit and withdraw funds — all of which can be done with just a few taps of the screen. To make it even easier for horse racing bettors to follow the racing action, active races feature at the top of the race list, and if you’re building a multi bet on the app, you have the option of turning Quickbet on and off.

Thanks to the Ladbroke Mobile App, you can open your account wherever you are, ensuring that mobile betting is simple and speedy.

Ladbrokes have a long and proud connection with racing, and as you would expect, the Ladbrokes Racing section provides access to every horse, greyhound and harness racing market that you would want. The homepage also gives you a thorough index of the entire day’s racing, as well as the jump time for each race.

Ladbrokes have plenty of new and useful betting tools for horse racing customers. With the Pick Your Own Odds feature you can name the odds you’d prefer to get and Ladbrokes will come up with a winning margin. If your horse’s winning distance is greater than that margin, they will pay you out at the level of your named odds. You can also try quoting your horse’s winning margin to land even bigger odds. And if you have your doubts about the odds-on favourite in a race, check out the Favourite Vs Field feature which offers the opportunity to bet the field against the favourite in a horse, greyhound or harness race.

To make it easier for you to have the information you need for an informed bet, Ladbrokes Ride Guide provides videos of Australia’s top jockeys discussing tactics, track conditions, pre-race instructions and much more, while the Ladbrokes Info Hub gives you detailed analysis and data on every horse, greyhound or harness race.

Ladbrokes Sports Betting

Ladbrokes is one of the leading bookmakers in Australia when it comes to sports betting, bringing their customers a wide range of betting products along with some of the most in-depth market coverage in the industry.

Ladbrokes offers a number of impressive, exclusive sports betting features, including the Ladbrokes Player Bet feature, which gives you the chance to put together your own prop bets relating to player statistics. Just pick a player, then name the statistic you think they will beat in any event. You can also pick two players and pit them against one another in a head-to-head match-up. It’s an entertaining method of profiting from your sporting know-how and from the wide array of statistics thrown up by modern sport.

Ladbrokes Perfect Round is another innovative betting product. It’s a new and exclusive Sports Pool betting feature. To get involved, simply pick the winning teams from a number of matches in a pool. If you’re not sure about the outcome in any match, you can even pick both teams and go for a combination bet. Get your selections right and you can earn a slice of the prize pool, with your actual winnings determined by the size of your stake. It’s another way to cash in your sports betting knowledge with Ladbrokes Sports Betting.