Ladbrokes Betting Overview

If you’re looking for a bookmaker offering a huge range of features, then go for Ladbrokes.

One of its many popular services is the Ladbrokes InfoHub. Punters love it because it helps to improve their results, by providing bucket loads of data, covering horse racing and sports betting markets.

You can add to that Ladbrokes Odds Boost. Any runner in any thoroughbred, greyhound or harness racing event is eligible. Simply make your choice and apply Ladbrokes Odds Boost for a chance to increase your winnings. An alternative is Pick Your Own Odds. This asks you to make your odds higher by picking a margin.

If you’re busy, or you bet frequently, then you’ll get a lot out of Ladbrokes Cash-In. With your Ladbrokes debit card, you can swing by your closest Post Office and pop money into your Ladbrokes account. Are you a keen multi better? Use Ladbrokes Multi Bet cash out.

To spice up your game a bit, there’s a handful of fun tools. One example is Favourite vs Field. With one bet, you can make the favourite face its ultimate challenge – by backing the total field against it. A second option is Early Quaddies. This permits you to bet on Quaddies for a meeting’s last four races, instead of betting them on the initial four races.

The Ladbrokes Australia Tipping Competitions are much-loved by NRL and AFL punters. Once a week, entrants can win as much as $1,000 and, at the season’s conclusion, the jackpot leaps to $10,000. Add to your fun by betting live on sports with Ladbrokes Live Play.

You can also watch Victorian race meetings live, through the Ladbrokes live streaming service. It’s available for mobile devices and desktop computers.

Ladbrokes Signup Bonus Bets Promotion

Ladbrokes rewards all new users immediately, with the Ladbrokes SignUp Bonus. Here’s how it works. For every $1 you deposit into your account, Ladbrokes gives you a $1 worth of bonus bets, to a cap of $500.

Contrary to what you might expect, the Ladbrokes turnover requirements are on the low side. You don’t have to worry about hidden rules and tricks in the fine print: Ladbrokes let you know what’s going on at all times. The company prides itself on its transparency.

So, you know that when you accept a regular Ladbrokes bonus bet, it must be turned over at least once before you can withdraw it. But, when it comes to SignUp Bonus bets, the rule changes. Their turnover requirements are twice as high. While you’re at it, remember that bonus bets can only be used on fixed odds markets of $1.50 or higher.

There’s no need to feel pressured into putting on all your bonus bets at once. You can split them into four bets of less value if you’d like to.

Instead of punting all your bonus bets at once, you can separate them, making four bets.

Ladbrokes Key Feature Highlights

Now, it’s time to go into Ladbrokes’ features in more depth. An appropriate place to kick off is the Ladbrokes InfoHub, which helps your punting efforts go further. It’s crowded with important data concerning the horse racing and sports betting markets.

If you spend your time in the horse markets, you’ll love the race overviews, form guides, featured bets for every market, price fluctuations, live video, speed maps and Bet Tracker, which provides featured bets and fluctuations for each and every runner.

Are the sports markets more your thing? Get stuck into top-notch market overviews, including pre-game statistics and trending betting data. Then there’s head-to-head market analysis, featured bets for all markets, price fluctuations, Bet Tracker and live video.

With a promising tip under your belt, apply Ladbrokes odds boost, a handy tool that optimises your prospective winnings. It’s available for any runner in any thoroughbred, greyhound or harness racing event – the runner’s price doesn’t come into it. Plus, it’s not just a one-off: you get a new Ladbrokes odds boost daily because it’s renewed at midnight.

Anyone who likes to lay down multi bets will love Ladbrokes Multi Makers. Pop it on your mobile device and, with just a sprinkling of clicks, you’ll be building multi bets across a variety of sporting codes markets. Go to the main menu to locate the Ladbrokes Multi Maker.

To get to know Australia’s racing scene better, explore the Ladbrokes Ride Guide. You’ll get exclusive footage of the best jockeys in the country, accompanied by information about planned race tactics and strategies.

Ladbrokes Mobile App

Technological advancements have changed the face of punting forever. There’s no doubt about that. Nearly all betting outlets offer a range of online services, from websites containing form guides to live streaming of matches and races.

A prime example of the advantages of tech is the Ladbrokes Mobile App. Adding it to your mobile device doesn’t take long: the downloading and installation process is a walk in the park. Both Apple and Android devices can use it. If you’re wondering about our opinion of the app, we can tell you confidently that it’s one of our top picks of bookmaker mobile apps and definitely one the world’s best mobile betting apps.

One reason for this is that the Ladbrokes app lets you peruse mobile betting markets and Ladbrokes account features with such ease. You can navigate markets at your leisure, improving your punting strategies all the time. When it’s time to lay a bet, use the convenient bet slip. You can edit it or update it anytime.

The app also delivers exclusive betting promotions. These aren’t available elsewhere and are designed to help you take your betting dollar as far as it can go.

Ladbrokes Betting Verdict

When it comes to rating Ladbrokes, it’s hard to find fault with it. In our view, it’s one of the country’s best bookmakers.

We’re really impressed with the Ladbrokes info hub. Where else can you get so much useful information in one, convenient spot? Regardless of whether you bet on horse racing markets or sports markets, there’s data to help you perform better. Plus, when you’re pretty sure you’ve picked a winner, Ladbrokes odds boost can expand your winnings.

The Ladbrokes SignUp Bonus is another drawcard. It gives new customers as much as $500 in bonus bets, by matching every dollar deposited with another one. As customers continue working with Ladbrokes, they’re rewarded with other bonus bet promotions, applicable to racing and sports markets, both here and internationally. Happily, though, Ladbrokes makes sure turnover requirements stay low.

When it comes to betting convenience, the Ladbrokes mobile betting app does the trick. It’s certainly one of the most impressive apps on the market. It puts a bunch of exclusive betting promotions, as well as Ladbrokes’ numerous features, just a few clicks away.

For a unique betting experience, go for Ladbrokes, available via an app and a mobile website.